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44 Quart Wheels - Set of 4

Dimensions 20.5 x 15 x 12.8 inches

✅ VERSATILE STORAGE SOLUTION - With a capacity of 44 quarts, our bins are great for storing just about anything. Use then to keep your clothes, blankets, toys, books, tools, and craft or home supplies.

✅ EASY TO CARRY - Our plastic storage containers with lids are equipped with wheels and handles, making them easy to move even when filled with heavy items. A latch snap keeps the contents secure.

✅ STANDS THE TEST OF TIME - Made of thick plastic, each storage container is built to last. Molded lids make them stackable. These sturdy covers are also designed to support heavy objects.

✅ BLENDS WITH EXISTING DECOR - These storage bins boast a modern, minimalist appeal with their semi-clear white body and royal blue handle and latches. They blend easily with your interiors.

✅ FIND AN ITEM WITH A QUICK SCAN! - No more rummaging through several crates to find a specific item. Simply scan our see-through bins, and you’re sure to find just the thing you’re looking for!




Our storage bins come with a sturdy handle that allow you to carry heavy loads with ease. Move around from room to room or house to house knowing their tight latch mechanism is keeping the contents from spilling out.

Side handles make these plastic boxes even easier to push and pull. And of course, the built-in wheels make hauling heavy items effortless. You’ll be able to declutter your home and carry stored items into the garage or attic all by yourself.


Measuring around 20 x 15 x 13 inches, our storage bins can store just about anything that’s causing clutter. It’s a great way to organize items you don’t always use but has enough value to merit a place in your home. And it keeps these items sealed in, so you don’t have to worry about moisture, dust, or any unwanted elements causing damage.

These containers can be nested inside of each other, letting you save even more precious floor space when they’re not in use.


We believe each purchase signifies the trust and faith bestowed upon our company. Hence, we go the extra mile to show our customers just how well-deserved it is. Each set we send out is meticulously packaged to make sure it arrives at the buyer’s doorstep without damage.

We are committed to ensuring you won’t have to deal with any frustrating returns that can cost you both time and money. Every set comes out of the box ready for immediate use.

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Outside Dimensions
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