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16 Quart - Set of 4

Dimensions 15 x 10.5 x 8.25 inches

✅ NIFTY DECLUTTERING TOOL - With a capacity of 16 quarts, our plastic bins help you get rid of clutter by storing small odds and ends, off-season clothing, Christmas ornaments, costumes, and shoes.

✅ EXTREMELY DURABLE - Our plastic containers with lids are made of thick, strong plastic. You can count on it to endure daily wear and tear! It also has a secure latch to safeguard your items.

 BUILT TO LAST - Our heavy-duty bin is made to survive rigorous use. Its thick plastic material can withstand heavy items, such as metal tools and books. Secure latches provide added protection. 

✅ VERSATILE DESIGN - These semi-clear plastic containers are beautifully accentuated with royal blue handle and latches. You can store them out in the open without worrying about creating an eyesore.

✅ EASILY VIEW WHAT'S INSIDE - Time to take out your Easter decor? Created with your convenience in mind, our see-through bins spare you the effort of rummaging through the box just to find what you need.




These storage bins come with handles on the top and the sides that make them easy to lift, carry, push, or pull to different areas of your home or office. Keep your items organized and easily transported from room to room, indoors to outdoor sheds and garages, or the house to your car.

A latch closing mechanism keeps the content of the box held securely in place and protected from moisture, dust, and foreign elements.


Our plastic storage bins are easy to store when not in use. Simply nest the empty boxes inside of each other. This lets you save more space in your attic, garage, or closet. Their compact sizes make them ideal for homes with limited space.

Molded lids let you stack the bins on top of each other--no need to worry about the boxes falling over or slipping. The thick plastic also ensures they will be able to hold up each other’s weight even when packed full.


Your satisfaction is our priority! We believe your purchase signifies your faith in our company, and we take extra lengths to ensure we do not break that trust.

We make sure our plastic storage boxes are meticulously packaged so every set arrives on your doorstep without any damage. You’ll be able to use all four bins right out of the box without fretting over scratches, cracks, or frustrating returns.

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