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27 Quart Wheels - Set of 4

Dimensions 18 x 12.8 x 10.6 inches

✅ GET ORGANIZED! - With a capacity of 27 quarts, our stackable storage bins are spacious enough to accommodate blankets, duvets, and winter coats. It’s great for freeing up space in your closet!

✅ EASY HAUL - Fitted with wheels, our bins are built for hassle-free moving. Their top and side handles make them easy to lift, push, and pull. A secure latch mechanism holds everything in place.

✅ EXTREME DURABILITY - Made of thick plastic, our storage containers can withstand rigorous use. The molded lids that let you stack one box on top of the other and are built to support heavy items, too!

✅ AESTHETICALLY PLEASING - Our storage bins look attractive with their semi-clear white material and royal blue handle and latches. The clean lines and subdued colors give them an elegant flair.

✅ CONVENIENT SEE-THROUGH CONTAINER - Spare yourself the hassle of going through multiple boxes to find one item. The semi-clear material lets you quickly scan contents to spot exactly what you need.




These storage bins come with a sturdy handle that you can use with ease even while carrying a heavy load. A latch closure holds its contents securely in place, while the side handles make them easy to push and pull. Built-in wheels make our boxes especially easy to haul around.

These heavy-duty bins are ideal for people are constantly on the move. Spare yourself flimsy and messy cardboard boxes.


Our storage bins are spacious enough to store larger items like comforters, curtains, and tablecloths. And yet, they are also compact enough to fit into a corner or a limited attic space. You can also nest them inside of each other when not in use!

Their molded lids allow you to stack bins on top of each other, offering a perfect fit that ensures they’re never wobbly. You won’t have to worry about a heavy box sliding off.


We consider every purchase as a symbol of trust bestowed in our company. We put in the work to ensure we never let any customer down. Every set of storage bins we send out is carefully checked and packaged, so they arrive on the buyers’ doorstep without damage.

You’ll never have to deal with costly and frustrating returns. Plus, you can use these storage bins as soon as you receive them.

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