About Us

What’s the most important thing we learned?

Quality counts.

Whether it’s the quality of life or the quality of all of the products you use in your daily life, investing in the best always pays off. As the sole owner and single proprietor of Randomgrounds, LLC, that’s a belief that I’ve committed to, both in my business and in my personal life. While growing up in Bakersfield, CA, accountability and proven research captured my interest from a young age. In college, I continued pursuing that love of logical knowledge with studies in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley’s undergraduate program. After completing my undergraduate degree, my deep passion to begin my own business —something that I could develop from scratch and build from the bottom up— led me back to school. Once I received an in-depth background in Business and Science from Claremont Colleges, I was ready to launch my own company.

Or so I thought. Life, however, seemed to have other plans.

During this turbulent time in my life, things changed. I returned to the California area after beginning a professional life in Boston in order to spend precious time with my father before his passing. Rather than return back to my busy East Coast life, the gentle healing nature of warm sunshine and the ocean at my feet seemed to be exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. Dealing with the loss of a parent had left me untethered, insecure, unsure of my next steps forward.

Slowly, I started to find structure through my own wellbeing; tai-chi, yoga, and other meditative forms of exercise grounded me and provided me with the clarity I needed to reprioritize my values and goals in life.

Durability and organization. Quality and satisfaction.

I chased these ideals every day and eventually, turned them into the foundation of Randomgrounds, LLC. My life required organization, so I developed a product that could organize lives; long-lasting plastic storage bins that could help others find the same type of structure in life that I had found. Now, as the founder and CEO, I’ve transformed that focus of supporting myself into a burning need to provide my clients with plastic bins and lids made with love and made to last.

Randomgrounds, LLC is a small business experiencing dynamic growth — our homegrown team of passionate researchers and company members devotes all of their energy and resources to ensure the quality of the products. Every storage bin design decision we make guarantees the safe transport of goods from door to door. Randomgrounds, LLC’s motivated team of manufacturers, quality control experts, financial gurus, and project managers work tirelessly to deliver high-quality storage containers that are stackable, storable, and stable. We’ve been all over the world searching for ways to continuously improve our products and vetting all potentials in a rigorous selection process.

We’ve infused Southern California values into every product we make, all designed in California too. With our products, customers can easily organize all items around their home and the office. Experience the difference that the California lifestyle can have in your life.

Randomgrounds, LLC was established in a time of healing; because of that, I personally strive to ensure that every customer experiences stress-free service. Our devotion to customer satisfaction and impeccable communication skills ensures that we’re there for you in a time of trouble, no matter what. You can count on us to be as dependable as the storage bins you buy and never further than a phone call or email away.

We might not know what the future holds for us, but with Randomgrounds, LLC, it’s easy to trust that you’ll arrive at the next destination, safe and sound.

Solomon Iyasere, Founder and CEO of Randomgrounds, LLC