Storage Containers Catalog

Organization adds harmony to our spaces and our lives, and when we take the time to declutter our homes and offices, we have more time to put our focus elsewhere. For the mementos, photos, and household essentials you don’t need every day, store them in our durable storage bins.

Our storage container sets have handles for easy lifting and range in sizes from seven to 95 quarts with weight capacities capable of holding up to 40 pounds. They’re made from a durable and waterproof recyclable plastic that can safely store anything from blankets to craft supplies to perishable items.

Lids come with every bin and can be secured tightly to the body thanks to the latch fastener, safeguarding your items from moisture or spilling. For heavy or bulky items, our larger plastic bins have wheels for easy transport.

Browse our collection of stackable storage containers to simplify your home and office!