8 Ways To Use Storage Bins To Organize Your Home

8 Ways To Use Storage Bins To Organize Your Home

Investing in household storage containers can help you to transform your living space. Affordable and highly durable portable storage bins are an easy way to organize your home or office, making way for a more productive workspace and relaxing home environment. While tidying up can be made easier by using storage bins, here are 8 additional ways to use household storage containers you might not have thought of!  


1. De-cluttering For Minimalism 

A clean home creates a clear mind, and de-cluttering is one of the best ways to remove and store away unnecessary items that could distract you. This is especially important for anyone working from home, as having personal items in your line of sight while trying to work can quickly lead to procrastination.  

2: Closet Optimization

Another way to use household storage containers is to transform the look and feel of your closet. Start by investing in a couple of clear storage bins, and then remove every single item from your closet. Go through everything you own, deciding whether to keep, donate or throw away each one. With the pieces you are going to hold onto, neatly fold and use the storage bins to organize into categories such as tees, jumpers, pants, jeans, accessories, bags, etc. Now choosing an outfit will be a more enjoyable experience!

3: Pantry Storage Solution

There is nothing worse than buying kitchen essentials, only to find you already have them when you get home. Household storage containers can help you to store tins, jars, and everything in between neatly in your pantry. You can also give your storage bins labels, such as baking, snacks, grains, cereals, etc. Place the storage bins on the shelves of your pantry for easy access. 

4: Snack Packs For Kids

To keep little ones from helping themselves to your kitchen cupboards throughout the day, use storage bins to provide kid-friendly snack packs that are easy to reach. This allows you to monitor the snacks they’re enjoying and entrust them with the responsibility of only reaching for one snack pack each day. Mix up the treats inside each bag to include some fresh fruit and veggies, as well as biscuits and candy.

5: Holiday Storage Boxes

See-through storage bins are ideal for protecting your holiday decorations too. Whether you’ve got a whole load of Halloween goodies, Christmas tree decorations, or birthday banners, storage boxes will keep all these items out of sight and out of mind while not in use. This will allow you to transform your home for the festive season, pack away your things once the celebration is over, and stop them from getting broken or becoming water damaged. 

6: Portable Storage Bin Gift Idea

Surprise a loved one with a unique gift idea and use a portable storage bin to create a bespoke birthday present. Starting with a storage bin, think of a theme that they would appreciate. It could be a cozy movie night in, a cocktail party kit, or a new mommy gift bundle. Now buy some cute gifts that match your chosen theme and arrange them in the storage bin. If you’re going for a movie night in theme, pick out a warm blanket, and use this as the base. You can also get creative with shredded paper and bright gift box filler. 

7: Protect Your Family Photos 

Since storage bins tend to be made of highly durable plastic, they are going to stand the test of time and protect anything stored inside. So, safeguard your most precious possessions, such as family albums and family heirlooms, inside a household storage container. Your valuables will be protected against garage floods, paint spills, dust, mold, and dampness. 

8: Shoe Storage Bins 

Last but not least, we come to storing shoes in airtight storage bins. Not only does this help to prevent bugs and rodents from being able to climb into your shoes, but it also reduces mold, mildew, and nasty smells. First, clean your shoes well, and spray with a shoe deodorant, or pop in a drawer freshener inside the box. Now stack your shoes inside and close the lid tightly. Now you can stack the boxes or store the storage bins in the bottom of your closet or under the bed if you have room. 

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